By Lauren Rubin
   Chuck Zito is hardly your
run-of the-mill celebrity. A former
Hells Angel, Zito parlayed his
Stints as bodyguard to Sylvester
Stallone, Pamela Anderson and
Jean-Claude Van Damme into a
Career as a stuntman -- and
then acting. Currently, Zito plays
Chuckie Pancamo in the HBO
series "Oz."
  Q: What is your favorite
movie ?

   A: "The Godfather." It is the
all-time classic.
  Q: If you could be an animal,
what would it be ?

   A: I'd like to say my dog and
cat that I used to have, be-
cause I spoiled the hell out of
them. But I'd also say a lion
because they rule.
   Q: What's something that
really gets your goat ?

   A: People who are disrespect-
ful. Somebody who lies to me.
That gives me a bad attitude
right away.
   Q: What is the trait you are
most proud of ?

   A: Being loyal to people. I
treat people the way I want to
be treated. That's the way I was
brought up.
   Q: Do you have any nick-
names ?

   A: Charming Chuck. The Hells
Angels named me that. I was
charming with the ladies.
   Q: When are you most hap-
py ?

   A: When I'm home in New Rochelle and throwing a big
steak out on the deck on my
brick oven and barbecue, and
looking out into the yard watch-
ing my nieces and nephews and my daughter. I'm most proud of her now because she's a lawyer and works for Conde Nast.
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